Hi! I’m Lolita and I am a Little!
I’m also in a Polyamorous Triad with my Husband (Hubs) and my Daddy. This blog is all about my consensual ADULT Daddy Dom/little girl dynamic (DD/lg role play in a safe, sane, consensual manner).

We do not practice, participate in, or condone incest or pedophilia.

18+ Only. NSFW.

I follow: #alolitaslife and #a-lolitas-life

What will you see here?:

Plenty of Naughty and not so naughty DD/lg themed pictures and content. Some of myself and some I’ve stumbled across along the net/tumblr. There will also be plenty of my own writings (which I try to post one a day) on my progress exploring my “Lolita/Little” side in my BDSM/Kink friendly lifestyle, Polyamory, and much more. Feel free to Write/Ask me things. I’ll do my best to share my personal experiences, opinions, and thoughts on any topic you might ask me about.

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Happy Pride!!!

For those asking:
1. The (sideways, sorry) flag with the small red heart and black, white, and blue stripes is the Leather Pride Flag.
2. The light blue circle pin with the rainbow heart and infinity symbol is a variation of the “Heart-and-Infinity” Polyamory pride symbol.
I also wore (but you can’t see them):
3. Two additional Polyamory pins: “I’m with <—-Them—->” and “Poly & Proud”
4. A Leather Realm pin (the circle, seen here).
Anonymous said: I think you're a truly beautiful person! 😘

Thank you so much! But why so Anon?! Let’s be friends!



Who is going to be at San Diego Comic Con this Friday?!
If you’re going to be there and you’d like to meet up, shoot me a message!

Representing Bigs and Littles at San Diego Pride!!

I have to share how incredible the experience was to be able to represent all things Age Play and Pet Play at the San Diego Pride this year. Being able to share information with so many people who came through the Leather Realm was truly an incredible experience.

What really put things into perspective, was just how many completely “vanilla” people (as some might label them) came up to our table with honest curiosity about what being Big and Little really means. Many people wanted to understand the dynamic, the appeal of being a Big or a Little, and what that means to those of us where were able to be behind the table this weekend.

If you have never been to a Pride Festival, it really is something that humbles you. It’s such a pleasure to meet so many amazing people with open minds and hearts. Regardless of whether or not being a Big or a Little is something they would ever do, people were there in support and were sharing their time with us in order to simply learn.

After making many new friends, helping those in our lifestyle realize there IS a community for them, and sharing who we are with all the amazing people who came through the Realm, I have to say being at San Diego Pride this year was so much more than successful, it was life changing!

Happy Pride to All!




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So Kat, Teal, and I picked our pony marks for today!! I love playing with face paint! I’m starting to get decent skills!!